We manufacture customised 1-phase transformers from 0.2VA to 100kVA as well as 3-phase transformers from 3VA to 160kVA for your electronics, power electronics and your switch cabinet. Together with you, we determine the standard, environmental requirements and optimum design.

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BREMER develops and manufactures 1- and 3-phase AC inductors for line frequencies, DC chokes and air core coils for you. We have short distances between design and production. Careful engineering and production is followed by measurement with the DPG10 power choke tester.

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Ferrite components

We develop and manufacture customised transformers, inductors and transformers with ferrite cores for you. In our production we wind with high-quality enamelled copper wires, high-frequency litz wires and fully insulated wires (FIW wires).

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Winding goods

For research and development institutions, we produce a large number of different coils and windings of various sizes for deflection and accelerator systems, as magnetic coils or as inductivity with and without iron core.

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Power supplies

“Around the transformer” we develop and manufacture AC and DC power supplies for laboratory, test field and production. For EMC laboratories, we offer device families with passive, unregulated precisely dimensioned DC power supplies.

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How can we be of assistance?

We will be happy to take your call and attend to your request immediately:

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Petra Bremer: 03378 20 6-12

Our office hours are:
Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:30

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