Transformers and inductors with ferrite cores

For electronic or power electronic inductive components with clock frequencies > approx. 1kHz, laminated core plates in the common standard qualities are often not suitable. Sintered cores made of iron oxide or other metal oxides are then used. One advantage of this ceramic material is its low electrical conductivity, which leads to low eddy current losses.

For small applications, a large number of standardised or normed designs are available in many sizes and made of different ferrite materials. The designations of the types are partly historical or derived from known transformer cores. Well-known are, for example, the “shell cores”, RM and PM cores as well as the E-series E-, ETD, EFD with further variants. The number of variants is further increased by different coil former variations with and without PCB connections.

BREMER Transformatoren manufactures customised ferrite components of almost all common core shapes with windings of enamelled copper wire, high-frequency stranded wires and FIW wires (Fully Insulated Wire) in small and medium quantities.

Even more than components for mains frequencies, we develop these products in close cooperation with our customers. Often the customer already has initial production specifications or ideas.

We will expand this production area for medium quantities using robot technology. In this context, your enquiries are a welcome orientation for us in the extremely wide range of variants.

Product examples

Drossel RM14 + HF-Litze

Ferrite core RM14 with air gap

Winded with high-frequency litz wire with large conductor cross-section

RM5 Wandler

Ferrite core RM5

Winded with 4 windings 0,12 and 0,2mmØ


Ferrite core ETD34

Converter with 6 windings insulated from each other

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