As “high voltage transformers” we designate transformers on which one or more windings are rated for voltages > 1000Vrms.

As “transformers isolated for high voltage”, we designate transformers on which one or more windings and / or the iron core are intended for connection to a circuit whose potential differs permanently by more than 1000V from that of the rest of the transformer current path or the transformer ground.

Note: It would be obvious to call these transformers “insulating transformers”. However, this term is used differently in the transformers standard, EN 61558 or its English translation.

BREMER high-voltage transformers are always developed in close cooperation with our customers. The later test levels and test modalities must also be agreed at the beginning.

We have a wide range of experience and know-how for the clever design and perfect manufacture of these long-lived capital goods. High-voltage technology is our passion and we look forward to your detailed enquiry or your call.

Product examples

Transformator für Outdoor-Höchstspannungs-Prüfanlage (MV-Pegel), kundenseitig im Ölkessel

Transformer for outdoor high-voltage test system (MV level), customer-side in oil boiler

  • Primary: 400V
  • Secondary: 44kV – 50kVA

Test voltages:

  • In air: 17kV
  • In oil: 55kV
Hochspannungstransformator mit Gleichrichtung zur Plasmaerzeugung in umwelttechnische Anlagen zur Luftreinhaltung

High-voltage transformer with rectification for plasma generation in environmental air pollution control systems

  • Primary: 230V 50Hz
  • Secondary: 10kVdc 70mA
für Erregeranlage

3-phase high-voltage dry transformer for exciter system

  • voltage level: 15kV
  • typical power rating: 20 – 40kVA
3-Phasen-Hochspannungstrafo für Notstromversorgungen u.a. in Kraftwerken

3-phase high-voltage transformer for emergency power supplies in power plants, etc.

  • voltage level: 13,8kV
  • typical power ratings: 3 – 4kVA

Your technical contact for transformers

For product-specific questions, please contact Mr. Thomas Bremer. Together we can clarify the last open questions regarding your enquiry.

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Bremer: 03378 2006-0