BREMER and GERTH  -  two brands one team

BREMER Transformatoren develops and manufactures 1- and 3-phase PCB transformers in special designs, for example with several different secondary windings. Ferrite core transformers for PCBs are also part of the BREMER product range. We manufacture any desired quantity.

BREMER and GERTH started their cooperation in 1995 with the construction of a joint factory on the outskirts of Berlin. Development and laboratory for both companies is led by Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Bremer.

The production lines of the GERTH standard transformers are highly automated and therefore very cost-efficient. For customer specific versions of PCB transformers, the BREMER and GERTH production lines work together. All elements of automated production – for example the potting and soldering robot system – are used wherever possible. In this way, we can also offer small series and single pieces to our customers in a cost-efficient manner. Incidentally, it is commercially irrelevant whether you contact us as a BREMER or a GERTH customer.

Product examples

30VA Printtrafo, ein sogenannter Flachtrafo mit marktüblichem Pinning (Fertigung BREMER)

30VA Print transformer

A so-called flat transformer with standard pinning (manufactured by BREMER)

E-Kern Ferrittrafo E25/7 (Bv.:26183)

Ferrite transformer

We produce transformers for higher frequencies with ferrite cores in the BREMER production.

„Unsere Kleinen“ 22x24x15mm incl. Gehäuse

„Our small ones“

22x24x15mm incl. housing
We are able to wind micrometer wires from 0,025mmØ in both production lines, in the automatic production as well as in the manufacture.

Your technical contact for PCB transformers

I will be happy to answer your technical questions about our BREMER and GERTH products. Perhaps we can also find a product solution for you in the production mix with the standard programme.

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Bremer: 03378 2006-0

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