Device construction AC and DC power supplies

“Around the transformer”, our device construction department develops and manufactures AC and DC power supplies for the laboratory, test field and production.

Especially for EMC laboratories, we manufacture devices with generously dimensioned line or safety transformers with reduced losses and low core losses. DC power supplies are equipped with passive, unregulated, precisely dimensioned rectifier circuits.

We manufacture power supplies both “open frame” and in 19-inch racks or enclosures, as well as with customised housings. (For example, with dimensions suitable for two units side by side in a 19” rack.)


You can download examples of passive AC/DC power supplies from the BREMER device construction here.

Product examples

DC-Quelle für EMV-Labor

Our “long runner”

Laboratory DC power supply with 5 outputs 24…220Vdc 200W; capacitor smoothing with discharge device. 2 units fit in one rack width

BREMER AC-Automat 28240

Fully automatic unit for long-term tests on household appliances.

Output up to 300Vac 50Hz 16A with setpoint current or voltage. Regulated, stabilised with digital displays of setpoint and actual value for U and I.

DC-Gerät Trafo 3-ph + Gleichrichter

3-phase open frame dc-device

Rectifier unit with reduced losses; 3x 400Vac / 60Vdc 10A smoothed.

More product examples - around the laboratory and test field


Laboratory load resistor decades with and without fan.

Load resistors in decade arrangement of 25, 50 or 150Watt power resistors; e.g. 10x 1, 10, 100Ohm; also with switchable fan

Kontaktbox für Trafo

Connector for transformer testing

Temperature measurements on small transformers are determined via the winding resistances in accordance with EN 61558. This box enables quick measurements.


Railway power supply

Power supply in repair plant for local trains 110V dc 50A.

Your technical contact for power supplies

For product-specific questions, please contact Mr. Thomas Bremer. Together we can clarify the last open questions regarding your enquiry.

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Bremer: 03378 2006-0