Inductors, also named chokes or reactors, are inductive resistors. They are needed in many electrical, electronic and especially power electronic devices and systems.

A variety of designations are commonly used for inductors. These designations are based either on the construction, the application or physical principles. The most common inductor terms can be found in our collection of technical terms.

An essential dimension of an inductor is its inductance with the unit Henry (H) or Millihenry (mH).
Among other things, inductors are described in the standard DIN EN 61558-2-20.

Choke coils with inserted ferromagnetic iron cores are frequency-dependent, whereas air core coils are largely linear. By inserting so-called air gaps (see physical keyword “shearing”), linearisation around a desired operating range is also achieved on iron core inductors.

BREMER Trafo manufactures iron core inductors in mechanical dimensions comparable to the transformer production program and air core coils in various sizes. The majority of the inductor products are customised dimensions.

See also our flyer “Inductors”.

Inductor products from BREMER

AC chokes, 1-phase ...

… limit commutation voltage dips and current peaks.

Beispiel BREMER-AC-Netzdrossel

AC chokes, 3-phase …

… limit commutation voltage dips and current peaks.

Beispiel BREMER-3AC-Netzdrossel

DC chokes

… carry a direct current with an alternating component.

BREMER-DC-Glättungsdrossel 12,7mH 327Aeff für Ripple 33,4Hz (850kg)