We produce 1- and 3-phase transformers, PCB transformers, high-current and high-voltage transformers, converters and various special wound goods for science and technology. We welcome small series and single pieces as well as product series.

Transformers up to approx. 20kVA (1-phase) and 25kVA (3-phase) are manufactured with standardised core plates. The reference standard for these transformers is DIN EN IEC 61558-1 with the various “parts 2” connected to it, also 61558-2-…, in the current versions.

Above the mentioned ratings, we use core plates according to our own designs. We suggest to our customers to agree on DIN EN IEC 61558-1 also for the higher performances, which the standard expressly provides for.

In the following you will find dimension schedules for your orientation for different transformers. To enquire about your precise requirements, the associated forms are available or you can use them as a checklist.

Transformer products from BREMER

1-phase transformers

Type series EI, EE, UI, M, MD, ETN with 0.2VA … 100kVA

Produktbeispiele 1-phasig

3-phase transformers

Type series 3UI and DTN with 50VA … 180kVA

Trafo+Drossel 3-phasig Gehäuse

Printed circuit board (PCB) transformers

BREMER special PCB transformers and GERTH standard programme

Sicherheitstrafo BREMER /GERTH

High-current transformers

For soldering, plastics, electroplating and various other plants

Trafo für Kunststoff-Warmtrennung

High-voltage transformers

For excitation and high-voltage testing systems, science and research

44.000Volt in Öl


Transformer acquisition of AC currents and voltages

DuW Durchsteckwandler 466A