Inductive current and voltage transformers

Derived from transformer products, BREMER Transformatoren offers a variety of different current and voltage transformers for acquisition of actual data in customer design

The transformers are often dimensioned for high potential separation between input and output circuit (up to 10kV on request).
They are characterised by high-quality core materials and precise winding technology.
On request, the transformers, their protective circuits, the connection elements and, if necessary, rectifications can be combined in compact assemblies. For three-phase detection tasks, three transformers are combined in one assembly. Standard fastening for mounting rail is possible. Customers with their own circuit boards can order the transformers individually in printed form.

The sizes result from the accuracy requirements.
Compared to potential separation by optocouplers, our customers appreciate the longer and safer ageing stability of transformer-based converters.
All products that we develop for you are clearly specified with a number, can be reordered for life and are protected for you.

Measuring transformers for currents and voltages are described in the comprehensive standards VDE 0414, in DIN EN 61869 and currently partly in DIN EN 60044. BREMER does not manufacture transformers in the sense of these standards.
For many applications with electronic measurement data acquisition, there are accuracy and overload requirements which are based on DIN and VDE standards, but which do not require the entire scope of definitions of measuring transformers. For technical – or cost reasons and to achieve compact sizes, we define our own transformers together with our customers. In principle, these are precise voltage or current transformers.

We regularly receive enquiries from all over the world about our 3-phase current and voltage detection modules IGE100 and UGE100. These are modules that we have developed and manufacture for Siemens AG / Erlangen. They are only available from Siemens AG. We can provide you with a contact address.

Product examples:

UED 110

Measuring voltages

Three-phase voltage detection in compact housing for standard mounting rail

IED 151

Measuring currents

Three-phase current detection on module rack for standard mounting rail

Spannungswandler 28420

Measuring voltages

Three-phase voltage detection for a switchgear manufacturer with high accuracy and overload characteristics

Your technical contact for transformers

For product-specific questions, please contact Mr. Thomas Bremer. Together we can clarify the last open questions regarding your enquiry.

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Bremer: 03378 2006-0