Winding goods, coils and magnets

Besides the classical electrotechnical application as inductance in the form of “iron” or air coils (see chapter inductors), layer windings are needed in many other physical applications. Examples are countless different electromagnets. These are often an integral part of large systems (including lift systems). If spare parts are required, we offer the production of new windings.

Coils for deflecting a wide variety of electromagnetic radiation are needed in science and device construction. We have enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with the former Hahn-Meitner-Institut in Berlin (HMI) and the Berliner Elektronenspeicherring (Bessy) since they were founded in 1959 respectively 1979, which we continue with the follow-up institutions.

Product examples


Mini coil with enamelled copper wire 0,036mmØ

For medical applications we manufacture ultra-fine wire windings of consistently high quality.


Shaped coil for electromagnet

These coils are wound from 2-layer flat copper wire with glass silk covering.

Große Ablenkspule

Large deflection coil for electron beam

For particle accelerators, coils are needed to focus and deflect the electron or proton beams.

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