Quality, Longevity and Efficiency

Our transformers are manufactured from high-quality core materials according to an optimised design, are built for an almost unlimited service life and generally offer an efficiency of over 95%. When used in standard operating conditions, these features not only contribute to environmental protection and sustainability, but also enable energy-efficient operation without compromising on quality.

Repairability and Long-Term Support

BREMER focuses on the durability of our products. Our power and voltage supply units are not only robust, reliable and maintenance-free, but also designed to be easily repaired. We use exchangeable components to ensure that even decades-old equipment can be restored to its original condition. This reflects our belief in sustainable engineering.

Recycling and Resource Efficiency

We recycle packaging materials and use materials sparingly to avoid unnecessary waste. As a transitional solution, we are relying on eco-electricity and eco-gas, with the clear goal of generating our own energy via solar power in the long term and dispensing completely with gas.

Ecological Sourcing and Efficient Logistics

Joint and bundled purchasing of input materials with our affiliated company GERTH minimizes emissions and packaging waste. Manufacturing “Made in Germany” and purchasing from renowned German manufacturers ensure short distances that protect the environment.

REACH and RoHS Compliance

As a downstream operator within the meaning of the REACH regulation, we only use registered substances in extremely small quantities. In addition, we strictly adhere to the current RoHS guidelines to minimise or substitute the use of hazardous substances in our products.

Material Sorting and Environmentally Friendly Processes

We pay attention to strict sorting of materials for reprocessing and work in a way that conserves resources and minimises pollutants.

Our commitment to care for the environment is reflected in every phase of our business, including our ongoing efforts to develop our sustainability practices. With BREMER, you are choosing a company that focuses on the future and wants to actively contribute to the protection of our planet.

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