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Form 4 transformer 3-phase

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for 1-phase transformer

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for 3-phase transformer

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for DC power supply with 1-phase transformer

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for DC power supply with 3-phase transformer


Rectifier circuit

Technical data - electric

Note: Please make all voltage specifications as linked phase-to-phase voltages.

Output voltages:

Note: For autotransformer, select Yy0 or YNyn0 only.

Note: Specify in watts


  • Do not load several output voltages at the same time
  • Short-time overloads
  • Maximum values for no-load and/or load power losses
  • Design for nominal output voltage value with deviating load current
  • Minimum or maximum output voltage values
  • Minimum and maximum values for short-circuit voltage

Technical data - mechanical


  • Maximum width
  • Maximum depth
  • Maximum height
  • Specific mounting dimensions

Technical data - connections and fittings

Connection selection for transformers in IP00:


  • Arrangement of terminals or litz wire colours
  • Flat plug dimensions
  • Provision of own connection material


  • For transformers in housing:
    Cables, plugs, sockets, fuses, switches, measuring devices

Commercial data


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